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On Target Plumbing is here for you whenever you need us – that means day or night, weekend or weekday, and even on the holidays. Whether you face a plumbing emergency or not, we won’t keep you waiting. Trust our team of licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers to quickly deliver effective plumbing solutions for your home or business.

Are you searching for a plumber to perform reliable plumbing repairs in your home or business? On Target Plumbing’s seasoned team of knowledgeable plumbing professionals perform a full range of plumbing repair options for residential and commercial plumbing systems. We deliver fast and effective service to restore function while protecting the integrity of your plumbing system components.

At On Target Plumbing, we know that fast water heater repair service and competitive pricing are important when you have hot water heater problems. We specialize in the repair of residential gas and electric water heaters, tankless and commercial water heaters.

If your property is connected to the public sewer, then you will have a series of drainage pipes and gullies which connect your property to the public sewer system. The public sewers are owned and maintained by your local water authority. It is important that these drains remain in good serviceable condition to allow the waste to flow from your property into the public sewer, our drain repair services are able to keep things running smoothly.

Plumbing pipes are often clogged with hair, food, soap, etc. When you notice that plumbing fixtures are draining poorly, the source of the problem could be clogged pipes. Our plumbers offer fast, professional French drain, pipe and drain cleaning services.

Sewer pipe lining is a process used for repairing and replacing cracked, leaking, backed up and damaged sewer lines. Using a “no dig” trenchless process to avoid yard excavation, sidewalk destruction or digging up trees, sewer lining involves inserting new epoxy-saturated pipe tubing into existing pipes, inflating the tubing and curing it into place with hot air, steam or bluelight LED technology. This results in a new seal lining the walls of existing pipes, replacing broken piping with the potential to last for decades.

Like everything else in your home, your plumbing pipes won’t last forever. Sometimes a small leak can be repaired, but sometimes replacing your pipes is a better long-term solution. At On Target Plumbing, our repipe specialists will help you figure out if repiping is the right move for you